Husband, father, cyclist, creative mind, rarely capricious, mostly motivated and sometimes to busy.

Cycling has always been a part of me. In very different facets: sport and brands, mobility solution, emotion, passion, travel, hours spent in the workshop, business. The bicycle itself is just a product of millions – but finally a lot more. The world of athletes, travelogues, the history and future of mobility, fitness, ecology and economics – for more than 200 years. The bicycle embodies diversity and durability.

This makes it exciting to tell about experiences and thoughts on the bike, to inform about it, to use the bike and especially to be on the road just by bike. At some point I gave my passion a name: DECYCLING.

That’s me.

Manuel Demetz


I am happy to contribute my experiences to an exciting project. Branding, design, cycling, mobility and tourism – these are topics that move me. I have gained professional experience at Linklaters & Alliance, Total Identity, sentres.com, Edenspiekermann, Eurac Research, Helios.BZ. For more detail go to my LinkedIn Manuel Demetz profile page.